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No posts in nearly a YEAR?? Okay, now read this! [Aug. 19th, 2008|05:56 am]
Segway HT


Ever since three legitimately handicapped adults sued DisneyWorld for preventing them from using their Segways in the park (despite the fact that non-handicapped employees use Segways there), there has been increased interest among handicapped, including those who don't yet own Segways, in ensuring that legitimately handicapped adults whose handicaps do not prevent them from safely operate a Segway are permitted to use Segways anywhere that a motorized wheelchair is permitted.

About two months ago, the Department Of Justice posted a notice that they were considering altering the regulations to accomplish just that, and they mixed the query in with a bunch of queries regarding everything from Assist Animals to whether airborne chemical allergies should be taken seriously.

The deadline for posting comments to this query was yesterday. Sorry didn't post a notice about it here, but since I'm tapped out for most any activity which not absolutely necessary.

Today I have been reviewing several hundred comments to this query and I have posted a Best Of post in my LJ, and I would like to post a similar subset of them here.

It suffices to say I have my Segway to serve to compensate for a handicap, and this is why I am interested in this legislation. I don't assume that is the most common reason for the Segway ownership represented in this community, but I figure that if that interest is represented here, postings will pick up.

Now for the list of interesting comments

Please not that due to some weird problem on this government website, Quotation Marks are interpreted as rows of question marks! It is disconcerting, but after a while you get used to it. I wish they would just fix it.


The comment made by Major Daniel Gade., a handicapped veteran of the Iraq war. Though his post here is not very impressive, this other post (link works) he made inspiring others to write in for this cause is in fact very impressive.

This man with spastic legs can stand but not walk! For him the Segway represents his closest tie to a normal life, which sadly he's never known any other way.

A lung cancer victim defends his use of his Segway.

Handicapped person requests Segway be listed as a wheelchair.

A BLIND person shows his support for Segways to be used appropriately by handicapped individuals in place of wheelchairs. His only issue regards how quiet they are, a problem not exclusive to Segways which actually make more noise than hybrid automobiles, believe it or not.

Kathy Gips of Adaptive Environments a Boston based organization explains many issues very clearly.

A lengthy but well-written saga of one man's battle to have his Segway accepted.